Guide2Inspections®: The Ultimate Inspection App


An Inspection app is not a new concept, isn't it? Well, this one is.

An Inspection app is not a new concept, isn’t it? Well, this one is.

SIRE, Rightship or Port State Inspections strongly impact the commercial viability of a vessel. Preparing for internal and external audits remains a daily affair for most seagoing vessels. Specific MOU regimes such as USCG or AMSA Inspections remain a major concern with most operators. What’s more, with changes such as SIRE 2.0 and RISQ 3.0 coming in, the industry is facing the need to crank it up a notch.

Yet, for several decades, the technology used to prepare and manage such inspections has hovered around checklists and basic software solutions.

In our constant need to challenge the status quo, we at Navguide Solutions wanted to create a game-changing app that would simplify the Inspection process, saving time and improving efficiency at both ends onboard and ashore. Introducing Guide2Inspections, a beacon for maritime professionals in navigating the intricate waters of vessel inspections.

Who is it for?

While most inspection apps are only for inspectors, this one has other use cases.

Yes, it can be used by independent inspectors or company superintendents just like any other inspection app. The features provided are empathetic to the needs of various individuals. However, if placed on board for the ship staff, it also helps beautifully in preparing vessels for critical inspections while saving time. It is equipped to prepare vessels for SIRE 2.0, Rightship RISQ 3.0, USCG, AMSA or other inspections without the need for external guidance.

A simple solution to three major problems

This app serves three primary purposes.

  1. For the Shore management, it acts as a comprehensive inspection management system, offering central control to track and manage inspections on all vessels of the fleet. It is extremely customizable to the needs of the operator, making it suitable to fit into the needs of operators with a few ships all the way to large companies with hundreds of vessels.
  2. If you are an inspector, it simplifies your data collection and reporting procedure through a completely user-friendly customizable panel, saving you days in preparing and managing reports.
  3. On the Ship’s end, it doubles up as a 24 x 7 digital trainer that not only assists vessels in preparing for inspections but can also guide the ship staff onto their jobs and stay compliant, whether there is an inspection or not.

A Comprehensive Inspection Tool

Derived from years of worldwide inspection research, the app is meticulously designed to offer detailed checks, pointing out commonly overlooked errors. It uses plain, straightforward language, making it a breeze even for first-time users.

Detailed Reporting

The app allows you to attach evidence photos & jot down specific comments for each check. With the auto-compression feature, large photo files become a thing of the past during report generation. Photos are compressed without reducing their resolution to a sizeable file size.

Reports get synced with the Admin panel, where they can be sorted and filtered by the Shore management. As the head of compliance, you may pull up the observations over the last five years.

Embedded Training and Guidance

Here is where things start getting interesting.

We decided to embed detailed guidance into the app that can direct the ship staff just like a trainer would. This guidance comes in several stages. The first stage comes with a note underneath each question. Notes are created by senior inspectors and auditors, pointing out common deficiencies that arise and addressing common doubts.

Guidance Photos

If a requirement seems unclear, a library of over 2,300 guidance photos is just a click away, elucidating every requirement in detail. The button ‘Click to view example under each question opens up a relevant guidance photograph.

Microlearning Videos

The application further blurs the lines between inspection and training, housing more than 72 short videos of live inspection rounds on real ships. These microlearning videos offer users a realistic feel of an inspection, empowering crews with knowledge and improving overall vessel performance within a short span.

Customization and Support

Customization lies at the heart of the Guide2Inspections App. Whether it’s allowing organizations to customize the question set, generating reports in a specific format, tailoring checks to specific users, triggering concentrated inspection campaigns, or even generating role-specific reports, the application offers unparalleled flexibility in the industry. With all this, complete data privacy and GDPR compliance are built into the value proposition.

If you ever run into a snag, a dedicated 24×7 support helpline ensures smooth operations.

A Glimpse Into the Future

With the maritime industry continually evolving, we are committed to staying a step ahead. The app is a simple solution to a complex problem. Our team is dedicated to keeping the content & guidance regularly updated to the latest trends. In addition, we intend to embed more human-factor guidance tools, such as our scenario-based games, in the future.

It is downloadable for free from the Android PlayStore, while the iOS is available upon request.

A new beginning

In essence, Guide2Inspections is not just another Inspection App.

While it happens to be the best and most customizable app to manage inspections, there are benefits far beyond that. If placed on board, Juniors can use the app to learn their jobs & prepare for the next rank, remote inspections can be triggered at the drop of a hat, department heads can use it during toolbox meetings & to train their juniors, and superintendents can use it during on-board visits to educate and familiarise the crew members.

Major Inspection regimes have provided sophisticated tablets to the inspectors, empowering them with technology, while we keep offering more and more checklists to seafarers. This is our attempt to empower the ship staff with the smart solution they deserve to prepare for such levels of compliance.

It’s not just about conducting inspections; it’s about transforming them.

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