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Remote or Physical Inspections including On board Training

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Navguide Solutions is heading out to be a global brand.

We are not just providing an Inspection service, we have an experienced list of empanelled individuals and our complete list of digital tools to support them.

That is what sets us apart.

Few of our empaneled list of Trainers and Auditors

Captain Indraneel Chari

Ex. Master Mariner, Maritime Trainer and Auditor since 2007

  • Marine Auditor & Inspector
  • VDR analysis
  • On board Trainer
  • Trainer for STCW courses.
  • Marshall Island Flag State Inspector
  • IHM Expert – Hongkong Convention – Carrying out Jobs on the Indian Coast
  • Navigational Audit (sailing)
  • Remote Navigational Audit
  • BTM training on board
  • Internal ISM/ISPS audits
  • Various Remote audits
  • Served for 3 Years as Principal in Maritime Education Centers
  • Served for 10 years as faculty in various maritime institutes
  • External Nautical Surveyor conducting exams of various candidates for 3 Years.

  • Ex-sailing master with seagoing experience on Tankers/ Reefers/Ro Ro’s/Containers & DP Vessels for 20 Years

Captain Robert Vaz

Ex. Master Mariner,
Maritime Auditor

  • Marine Auditor & Inspector
  • Maritime trainer since 2011
  • Remote Navigational Audit
  • Ex-Marine Safety and Quality Superintendent & DPA
  • eLearning Instructional designer
  • Life Support Coach
  • Member of the Company of Master Mariners of India (CMMI)
  • experience in conducting over 250 inspections
  • reviewing over 1000 inspection reports

Mr. Avinash P. Hegde

Ex. sailing Chief Engineer, and Ex-Marine Superintendent; Maritime Trainer

  • Diesel Remote controls (Simulator)
  • Refrigeration (Simulator)
  • Control Engineering (Simulator)
  • LNG Steam plant (Simulator)
  • Basic Electrical & 6.6kv
  • Purifier
  • Hydraulics
  • B&W M-E Engine (Simulator)
  • Remote Inspection on Oil tankers
    Bulk carriers
  • Remote Pre Vetting (Engine)
  • 28 years of sailing experience on VLCCs, OBOs, Bulk. LPG, including 16 years as Chief Engineer.
  • 3 Years as full time Training Manager in NYK Singapore.
  • 7 Years as Technical Superintendent including role in Training.
  • Roving and trouble shooting  Superintendent;
  • New Building Superintendent (2 Chemical tankers China).
  • Last 4 years as Freelance Technical trainer.
  • Pre-purchase Inspections

Captain Tapan Kr. Banerjee

Ex Master Mariner, Maritime Auditor

  • Flag State audits (with an experience of over 150 vessels including Liberian, Panama and Bahamas flags.)
  • On-board trainer
  • Casualty Investigation
  • Trainer for STCW Courses
  • Internal an External ISM ISPS and MLC audits
  • Compass adjustment 
  • Pre-Purchase inspection
  • P & I Inspection
  • Highly experienced Auditor with an experience of Flag State Inspections on over 150 vessels.
  • Flag States include: Panama, Liberia, Marshall Is., St, Vincent and grenadines, Antigua & Bermuda, Sierra Leone, Tuvalu, Barbados, among others.
  • Carried out Compass adjustment on over 50 vessels.
  • Has served as Port Captain on Bulk and Steel vessels.
  • Ex-Sailing Master on container ships with 10 years of command experience.
  • Served as General Manager under reputed agency.
  • Served as GM/ Principal surveyor under Norman Stewart Survey Co.
  • Carried out several P & I surveys, Condition surveys, Casualty investigation etc.

Captain Saurabh Saraswat

Ex. Master Mariner, Maritime Auditor, Founder Partner of Beaufort Marine LLP

  • VDR Review and Analysis
  • Navigational Audit (sailing)
  • Remote Navigational Audit
  • BTM training on board
  • Pre-vetting Inspections for Oil (VLCC, Suezmax, Aframax, Panamax & Product carriers)
  • Pre Vetting/CDI for Chemical tankers
  • Owners representative Inspection
  • Internal ISM/ISPS audits
  • Various Remote audits
  • GAP Analysis for TMSA
  • BSc Nautical Science, Certified for ISO 9001 & 14001 Lead auditor course, Incident Investigation course, DPA course, CSO course, Training of Trainers (TOTA) course.
  • Served Centre of Maritime Education and Training as visiting faculty for BTM, ROC, ARPA, ECDIS, TASCO courses.
  • QMS Superintendent for 2 years for Tankers, Containers ships, Bulk carriers and General cargo ships.
  • Oversaw New take overs and change of management; carried out various shipboard training including BTM, ECDIS, Safety drills, Loss prevention, ISPS, BBS, Safe Mooring, PPE, Lifting techniques, H2S precautions, Food hygiene, Risk assessment.
  • Served Transnav Ship Management Pvt Ltd, Singapore as their DPA/CSO

Captain Debashis Basu

Master Mariner, Maritime Trainer, Owner founder of Navguide Solutions

  • Trainer for Vetting / SIRE / Port State Inspections
  • Pre-vetting Inspections
  • Sailing Master on tankers with 8 years of command experience.
  • Founded Navguide Solutions in 2019 to create various digital products assisting Maritime Inspections and Training. As of 2021, Navguide Solutions is working with companies worldwide.
  • Carried out SIRE Training for senior officers.
  • Author of a published paper on Gamification in Maritime Training in the International Shipping Conference, 2020.

Captain Pankaj Kumar

Master Mariner, Maritime Trainer since 2011

  • Experienced trainer in STCW courses including ECDIS, RANSCO, ROC, ARPA, PSCRB, AFF, RUT.
  • Accredited Mediator
  • Certified Simulator trainer.
  • BTM
  • BRM
  • Dangerous Good course
  • Company-specific courses
  • Sailing Master on Container ships with 6 years of command experience.
  • ISO 9001 certified internal auditor.
  • MBA from ICFAI University, specialization in Operation
  • Perusing PGD from World Maritime University, Sweden
  • Founding owner of Mediators Post
  • Owner and Founding member of
  • Regular author for English weekly News Mania.
  • Sports enthusiast and frequent participant in marathons and Cycling.
  • Visiting Nautical faculty for a reputed institute.

Captain Arnab Bhattacharya

Ex Master Mariner, Maritime Auditor

  • Maritime Audits
  • Trainings related to Oil & Chemical Tankers
  • ECDIS Training
  • BTM concepts
  • STCW Modular Courses
  • VDR Audits
  • Pre-vetting inspections
  • Pre-PSC Inspections
  • 3 yrs of Command experience on Tankers
  • Thorough experience with Pre-Vetting Inspections
  • Onboard Training
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Internal Audits
  • Navigational Audits
  • Cargo and Mooring Audits
  • ECDIS Training
  • BTM training
  • Modular courses training.
  • Pre-PSC Inspections.
  • Experienced in Oil-Chemical Tanker Quality and Operations.

Captain Tirath Lal

Master Mariner, Maritime Trainer

  • STCW basic courses
  • Various value added courses
  • Safety and Security Briefings
  • Vessel condition inspection (Bulk carriers)
  • Pre-purchase inspections
    Audit towards PSC readiness (Bulk)
    Pre loading inspections for various bulk &  bagged cargo vessels.
  • Sailing Master on Bulk Carriers with over 15 years of command experience.
  • Experience as Port captain for bulk cargo: Iron ore, bauxite loading and coal, limestone discharge in Indian ports
  • Vessel Scrap experience at ALANG and GADANI, PAKISTAN
  • Drydock experience with abt 500-tons steel renewal on Panamax and geared bulk carriers.
  • Carried out various Maritime Trainings under training institutes in India.

Captain Arghya Bagchi

Master Mariner, Maritime Trainer & Auditor

  • LNG cargo simulator training
  • Basic Safety training
  • Enclosed Space Entry course
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • LNG Vessel: Remote Internal Audit
  • Pre-Sire Inspection
  • Pre-purchase inspection on Cargo Vessels
  • Valuation on Cargo Vessels
  • Intermittently Sailing Master
  • Experienced on General Cargo, Bulk Carrier, LNG Tanker, Log Carrier, Product Tanker, LPG tanker.
  • Carries valid US Visa
  • Vast LNG experience amounting to about 17 years starting from Junior rank.
  • In command of LNG Tankers for the last 10 years.
  • Ample drydocking and delivery experience.
  • Experience of taking delivery of STAGE LNG vessel
  • Carried out various Maritime Trainings under training institutes in India.

Captain Sudipto Chowdhury

Master Mariner, Maritime Trainer and Auditor

  • Course Co-Ordinator for Gas Tanker Courses
  • Bridge Team Management
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Gas Tanker Familiarization
  • Owners Condition Survey
  • Pre vetting Inspection 
  • ISM/ISPS and MLC internal audits
  • 3 yrs of Command experience on Gas Tankers
  • Sailed on Bulk, Reefer, Container, PCC, Gas Carriers.
  • Thorough experience with Pre-Vetting Inspections & Training

Captain Anurag Wadhwa

Master Mariner, Maritime Auditor And Vetting Superintendent

  • Pre-vetting Inspection for SIRE & CDI
  • Owner’s representative inspections? Safety Inspections
  • Pre- PSC, AMSA, & USCG inspections
  • Internal ISM/ISPS & MLC Audits
  • Navigational Audits(Sailing)
  • Live Cargo, Mooring, Environmental audits
  • VDR analysis & Review
  • Remote Navigational Audits
  • On-board safety training / BTM training
  • Vessel takeover- HSEQ Compliance/ implementation
  • Training & development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality Assurance/ Control
  • 4 yrs of Command experience on Oil & Chemical Tankers
  • Thorough experience with Pre-Vetting Inspections & Training

Captain Razvan Moise

Master Mariner, Maritime Trainer and Auditor

  • Flag State Inspection
  • P&I Survey
  • Pre-vetting Rightship inspection
  • Pre-PSC inspection
  • Pre-charter inspection
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Pre-sale inspection
  • Condition Safety inspection
  • Navigational Audit (static and dynamic)
  • ISM/ISPS/MLC Audit
  • Navigation Auditor
  • Internal Auditor
  • Certified operator for ultrasound test of hatch covers

VDR Analysis


Remote Navigational Audit

Internal Audits (ISM/ISPS/MLC)

Pre-Vetting (Tankers)

Pre-CDI (Chemical)

Sailing Navigational Audit

Owner's Representative Inspection

Pre AMSA Audits