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Gangway Procedure

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The world of gaming has much to offer in terms of Maritime Training. This is a start of a series of work we are doing to merge these two worlds and make things much more interesting for the young millennial seafarers.

Our biggest strength

We do not just say, we show. The proprietary digital tools in our Maritime Training Courses engage the seafarer to understand and spot non-compliances on the vessel.

Our little known secret

Millennial seafarers are the largest workforce in today's world. Our training methods think about how they absorb information and what would work for them. Pro-tip: #avoidchecklists

Our core competency

We help seafarers get engaged in the training process and impart real-life, on-the-job skills. The ship's inspection results improve as a consequence.

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Gangway Procedure

An interactive game on how to receive an inspector at the Gangway

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