Prepare your vessels for

SIRE 2.0 with confidence

Let us help you prepare for SIRE 2.0 Standards through Interactive SIRE 2.0 Courses and Workshops, preparation apps and our Future proof digital tools.

Services we provide

Discussion before a SIRE or Port State Control Inspection

SIRE 2.0 Awareness Workshops

Workshops for office staff and shore personnel fine tuned to understand and gain confidence on the SIRE 2.0 changes. We typically have a One day online or physical workshop.

SMS Upgradation

Our experts can thoroughly analyze and upgrade your company's SMS to SIRE 2.0 standards to make sure nothing is missed out.

Improve results of your SIRE or Port State Control Inspection


This is our core competency. We can help enhance the vessel performance bringing them up to speed with SIRE 2.0. Yes, I am talking about measurable improvement in standards.

A strong team

We work with a team of highly experienced industry experts that include SIRE Inspectors, senior marine and technical personnel, and ex-DPAs who understand the implications of SIRE 2.0.

thorough research

We have been working on SIRE 2.0 since June 2021. Our experts have dissected the SIRE 2.0 question library to identify each question's implications in terms of Process, Human or Hardware.

sire2.0 course: a glimpse

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Creative approach

We spent years perfecting a microlearning process to organically improve vessel conditions through creative tools like short videos and games. It is a perfect fit for upgradation to SIRE 2.0 standards.

Attractive pricing

We are presently running several promotional offers on our services. We take the burden off the ship staff and office personnel without having a large impact on your budget.

Some of the tools we use

Short Videos

Videos created using Microlearning concepts showing compliance requirements.

Scenario Based Games

Gamified approach to assist seafarers face Interview scenarios in a SIRE inspection


Using Storytelling to train seafarers in solving real world problems.

Want to upgrade to SIRE 2.0?

A few of our customers...

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Navguide Solutions

Our innovative digital tools enhance your vessels’ training standards and overall performance. We impart on-job skills that have a direct impact on marine inspections,  commercial aspects, general maintenance, safety and ISM compliance. We also carry out remote and on-board audits.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

What people say about us...

We enjoyed reviewing the videos and I am sure, for your ships officers, they will make very beneficial development tools. I wish you every success with the venture and hope to hear from time to time how you are progressing with the initiative.
Capt. John Lloyd
CEO, The Nautical Institute
Guide2Inspections is an innovative product and has simplified the concept of inspecting vessels seamlessly with maximum efficiency but minimum time engagement..... it makes the seafarer interested in his/her job, rather than feeling cumbersome.
Capt. Gajanan Karanjikar
President, All India Maritime Pilots Association
The effort put in by the Master to present it in a different perspective and package it, is commendable and well done! "Inspectutor" seems to be a good tool for junior officers to brush up their knowledge and skill on expectation of an inspector. We have a lot of respect for what has been prepared by the Master with this tool. Especially the checklists with ‘sample pictures’ - this is a good idea.
Vetting Compliance Team
I must say you have done a great job. I can definitely see the potential of what you are doing.
Raal Harris
Managing Director, Videotel