About us

Handshake after a SIRE or Port State Control Inspection

Who are we

Navguide Solutions have been the new kid in the block, working in the inspection space over the last couple of years, bringing in innovative and interactive digital tools, in place of conventional checklists.

We specialize in improving the compliance, training, documentation and competence onboard your vessels. Your inspection results improve as a direct consequence. 

“We will eventually empower every seafarer with the vision of an inspector, and one round of a certain area will be be enough to identify any non-compliance."

Our Journey

We started our journey trying to develop an effective and time-efficient method of self-inspection which the ship staff can follow. A system that will not increase any burden on the seafarers, but keep the vessel inspection ready at all times.

With Guide2Inspections™, we did create just that.

But that was just the beginning. With our recent products such as the Maritime Skill Enhancer, Guide to AMSA Inspections and so on, we wish to reach out to the millions of sailors who want to enhance their skills and everyone connected to them.

Our Core Values

Our Amazing Team

Capt. Debashis Basu

Founder & Designated Partner

Dr. Ishani Mitra

Designated Partner

Capt. Jeremy Langdon

Chief Commercial Officer

Capt. Robert S. Vaz

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Avinash Hegde

Head of Engineering

Capt. Indraneel Chari


Karan Singh

Business Development Manager

Dev Ghosh

Chief Technology Officer

If you are an experienced Auditor, Inspector or a Maritime trainer, we need you.