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What we do

What we create and why we are unique

Audio-visual elements like these are integrated into our various products such as  Guide2Inspections and Maritime Skill Enhancer

INstructional videos

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What so special about them?

Direct Impact

We show how a certain area must be maintained.

This has a direct impact on Inspections, Safety, maintenance and cosmetic standards. 

Extensive Research

The research took us three years

We collated guidance from companies, & studied thousands of inspections like Vettings, Port State (AMSA, USCG etc.), & Annual Inspections.

Time Savers

No one in today's world can spare more than a few minutes.

Our videos are around 4 to 6 minutes so that we do not lose you midway.

Individual attention:

Watching them is not a group activity.

They are meant only for the person(s) in charge.

Gadget friendly

Our material is future proof.

It is responsive to mobiles, tabs and PCs. They are meant for mariners to enhance skills at their own pace. 

Brief & to the point

The instructions are specific & direct.

Nothing more, nothing less. We can cover a 40 point checklist in a 5 minute video.

Smart Movement Pattern

Disorganized checklists take more time.

We show the mariner a pattern to move in a certain area during his self-inspection to check in detail in the shortest time, as an experienced inspector does.

The millennial mindset

YouTube is the world's 2nd largest search engine!

The world prefers short videos when they need information. Yet we never had such attention grabbing brief videos which would just tell us what to do! This is the answer to that.

A different vision

You are 6 to 9 times more likely to remember what you saw in a video than what you read!

Watching these videos a few times, seafarers would not need any checklist to inspect thoroughly. They would just know!

Visual Modules

Simulation Games

Games simulating an interview by a Port State Inspector or Auditor.

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Handshake after a SIRE or Port State Control Inspection

Practical learning on board...

We have all learnt our jobs from some incredibly efficient sailors; and then there were others who had no knowledge to impart.

Today, such trickle down learning from seniors has several challenges.  There’s no time, there are language problems, some are not interested and some seniors are not knowledgeable enough!

Our Game plan involves the use of Interactive visual tools as you have seen.

We don’t preach. We don’t give you another checklist!.

We impart direct instructions using visual methods, that enhances the way seafarers learn their on-job skills. This is professional information delivered in a non-conventional form. It taps the interest of the young generation.

With today’s generation, you cannot teach unless you engage.