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Seafarers! Share your Success Stories.

A near miss is when things could have gone drastically wrong! This is just the opposite. Share with us one or more success stories when you executed a particular job exceptionally well, or just as expected.

We will reward you for it!

Seafarers: Our unsung Heroes

As seafarers, we perform on a daily basis. Much of that goes unnoticed. After all, nobody cares if things go well. However, behind every successful contract, there is excellence.

We at Navguide want to celebrate that. Share with us a few details on how you executed a certain job, the challenges you faced, and how you overcame them. We will help you share your story, and reward you for that. You would gain access to several of our digital tools & apps that could help you and your colleagues grow professionally!

The top entry gets exclusively highlighted with an exclusive gift from us.

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Our innovative digital tools enhance your vessels’ training standards and overall performance. We impart on-job skills that have a direct impact on marine inspections,  commercial aspects, general maintenance, safety and ISM compliance. We also carry out remote and on-board audits.

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