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What we keep churning up

Design thinking

A technique to unleash your creativity and bring out the best problem-solving capabilities in ship and shore staff through guided workshops. Following the Ideo concept of Brainstorming from Stanford University, first time in the Maritime World.

Gamified Assessments

We use gamification concepts to assess Masters, Chief Engineers or Junior Deck and Engine Officers, etc. for New Hires, Promotions, or for Intermediate Appraisals. How does it work? Check it out.

The game here takes you to a situation where a Chief Engineer is being interviewed by a superintendent in the office.


A technique where we use Storytelling to demonstrate certain situations, and carry out an on-job training while assessing the problem solving capabilities of a person.

Checklists reimagined

Checklists have been somewhat the same over many years. This one below is a slight re-imagination of our conventional checklists.  What if guidance and confirmation went hand in hand so that we did not ever have to explain what we truly mean?

Would that impact safety?

Cargo Tales

Most of us have learnt practical cargo operations through trickle-down learning from seniors or by making our own mistakes. This module takes you through various stages of cargo operations as a series of progressive troubleshooting scenarios.

These are problems that occur on real ships. Choose your problem, and let’s help you prevent it.

Interactive Videos

This is when videos have multiple endings. At some point, you make a choice in the video and that leads to a particular outcome. Interactive videos were inspired by a popular Netflix series, and can be very effectively used to demonstrate case studies, scenario-based learning, etc.

They work on the principle of action mapping, i.e. showing the wrong outcome instead of just saying what is right and wrong. They engage the learner at a deeper level keeping the focus on the subject matter.

Handshake after a SIRE or Port State Control Inspection

Practical learning on board...

We have all learnt our jobs from some incredibly efficient sailors; and then there were others who had no knowledge to impart.

Today, such trickle down learning from seniors has several challenges.  There’s no time, there are language problems, some are not interested and some seniors are not knowledgeable enough!

Our Game plan involves the use of Interactive visual tools as you have seen.

We don’t preach. We don’t give you another checklist!.

We impart direct instructions using visual methods, that enhances the way seafarers learn their on-job skills. This is professional information delivered in a non-conventional form. It taps the interest of the young generation.

With today’s generation, you cannot teach unless you engage.