VDR Analysis & RNA

We carry out VDR Analysis and Remote Navigation Audits through our experienced team of empanelled analysts.

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Types of Audits

We carry out the following types of VDR/Remote Navigation Audits

VDR data and related docs for up to 4 hours involving any 1 critical operation – Report will not include any equipment status.

VDR Analysis with 6 Hours data: One Arrival or One departure with Pilot or One critical operation.

VDR & RNA with 12 hours data: Channel/TSS passage along with Arrival or Departure or only a Transit passage (Eg. Singapore Straits)

VDR & RNA with 36 hours Data & related docs covering Arrival/Departure /Anchor/Passage & Deep sea voyage – All-inclusive up to 36 hours.

VDR Analysis following an accident or incident. The data could be of any length. This is carried out using an experienced team with their individual expertise in various areas.


Our reports are compliant with:

All passenger ships and other ships of 3000 GRT and above must be fitted with VDR for assistance in accident investigation.

…where it is impractical for a vessel to be audited within the 12 month period due to trading pattern then an unannounced remote audit by an independent contractor including VDR downloads may be utilized…

It is strongly preferred that VDR Data is used for evaluation of navigation practices and compliance with the vessel operator’s procedures.

Upcoming – Subject area No.5 – Audit planning review & close out.

Comptence in VDR Analysis

Our experienced analysts have years of experience in carrying out remote and live Nav Audits & listening to the VDR data. They evaluate the following, among others:

Their performance tests and use of Radar, ECDIS, Echo sounder and other relevant equipment. Best practices followed by the Bridge team.

Adherence to company policies, UKC and overhead clearance, planning and execution.

Navigation with Pilot on board, quality of Master Pilot information exchange, and the integration of the Pilot with the bridge team. Whether the Bridge team was professional at all times & use of official language.

Following best practices for collision avoidance & to avoid close quarters situation. Correct interpretation of the Radar data for collision avoidance.

Identifying potential nearmisses on the bridge.

ECDIS, UKC, BWL and other company policy requirements being followed as mentioned in the passage plan, Gap analysis and follow up towards the improvement of the Bridge team.

Evaluation of Human factors in the conduct of the Bridge team, identifying potential issues which can lead to major incidents. Method of open communication followed between the Master and the other Bridge team members. Freedom to junior officers and ratings to contribute to safe navigation.

We can also carry out additional training remotely or physically if required, based on the trends of the observations raised.

Pricing & workflow

How do we work with you?

Click on the ‘Request an Audit’ button to contact us with your primary needs, or to enquire about our various pricing models.

Alternatively, call us at: +91 98364 68883 (Mr. Aniruddha Banerjee, Head of sales)

or email us on: [email protected]

We clarify any doubts that you might have, including our work pattern, pricing models and how our analysis makes an impact on vessel performance.

We need the following from you:

1. VDR Software

2. VDR Data

 3. Associated Logbooks, and documents as applicable.

4. The Company’s Navigation policy (or extracts of relevant sections).

We validate the data received as soon as possible and start the job.

Once the logistics are taken care of, we carry out the analysis and revert back with the report.


What makes us qualified?

We are Class certified by ABS in carrying out various Marine Inspections and Audits.

The VDR Data is processed & analyzed by a two person team, both certified to carry out such audits. 

We have a team of highly experienced analysts with us, having done numerous VDR Analysis and Remote Nav Audits including accident investigations. You can check out our empaneled list of Auditors here.

Not only are we carrying out VDR / RNAs for various principals, we are using our expertise to conduct a certification course in VDR Analysis and Remote Nav Audits, with ABS Logo on the certificate. 

Click here to check it out.

As part of a larger picture, we use our expertise to also educate the shipping community about VDR analysis and Nav Audits through various blogs and articles.

Check out our trending Blog on VDR Analysis.

Who will it benefit?

Parties that may be interested in our services.

To stay compliant with SOLAS, VIQ, TMSA, DBMS and other relevant International requirements or for internal training and quality purposes.

Following an incident or Accident

Following an incident or Accident

Following an incident or Accident

Following an incident or Accident

Following an incident or Accident

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