Our digital materials

A complete list of the digital tools & microlearning content that we have.

Simple Microlearning Tools

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Engine Room

Guidance on how to stay compliant in the Engine Room


Simple instructions on how to keep the Accomodation Internals totally compliant


Guidance on Bridge Equipment, recodkeeping and documentation

Deck area

Simple guide to compliance aspects on Deck

Covering Upper Deck, Forecastle and Aft Deck Area, plus Pumproom (Oil Tankers)

On Bulk Carriers, Oil Tankers, and generic types applicable to all vessels.


A complete guide to maintaining LSA and FFA


Documentation guide based on the PIC


  • Master’s documentation
  • Chief Officer’s documentation
  • Chief Engineer’s documentation
  • Ship Security Officer’s documentation.

Documentaion for each rank with guidance notes, pointing out common mistakes and compliance requirements.

Eleventh Hour Checks

Last moment checks in Port, which results in approximately 15-20 % of observations.

Covering Upper Deck, Forecastle and Aft Deck Area, plus Pumproom (Oil Tankers)

For Tankers and Non Tankers covering various last moment checks in port, that are often missed out.


Knowledge and Compliance Modules for Cadets, Ratings and Junior Officer/ Engineers

Meant for Ratings and Cadets, key points which they must know and are often asked during personal interviews during SIRE/PSC.

Meant for Junior Deck and Engineer officers, key points that they must know and are often asked during personal interviews during SIRE/PSC.

Simulation Games

Interactive Games that create the real feel of a conversation.

Simulating Various scenarios, eg.

  • An Inspector arriving at the Gangway or
  • a Master interviewing the Chief Cook.
  • a Superintendent with a Chief Engineer in office

With interactive scoring, focused on attitude development, along with experience sharing.

Gamified Evaluations

A modern & practical Evaluation system for New Hires / Promotional candidates

Covering Junior and senior ranks, Cadets and ratings.

AMSA Inspection Modules

For vessels calling at Australia

A elaborate set of 6 Modules which together form the entire guidance material for the seafarer to gain confidence when preparing for an AMSA Inspection, and telling him what to expect. The program also includes a self audit system which can also be used for remote audits.

Videos cover key elements that are often checked by AMSA Inspectors with clear guidance on how to maintain them.

Other Modules

Specific guidance modules dealing with special situations or topics.

Covering topics such as:

  • Movement Books
  • Rest Hours
  • Risk Assessments
  • Enclosed space entry
  • Work Permits, etc.


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