The Voice of Navguide: Reimagining Maritime Competency Development


Why did Navguide have to exist? Did the world need another company creating maritime training content? Speaking to over two hundred vessel operators, with several people deep within the industry, it became very apparent to us. The larger narrative, like it or not, was, "We spend on training because we have to! Because it is a requirement."

Why did Navguide have to exist? Did the world need another company to create training content? Or is this a new form of Competency development? Well, someone had to ask the hard question:

Will maritime training always be just a tick-box exercise? Or will it be able to show tangible, measurable improvement on the field? Can it translate to commercial benefits for the vessel owner?

Speaking to over two hundred vessel operators, with several people deep within the industry, it became very apparent to us. The larger narrative, like it or not, was, “We spend on training because we have to! Because it is a requirement.” We saw a need for reimagining maritime competence the way we thought about it. When we started, the need for a more application-focused approach was brewing; it was rising within the collective minds and erupting in places as frustrations, cost-cuts or innocent coffee-time discussions.

Introduction: Embracing ESG Goals

Four years back, we took on an ambitious goal – we wanted to be a catalyst for a disruptive change. Our vision encompasses not only enhancing the competence of seafarers but also aligning our work with broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of our competency development programs, designed to promote sustainability, safety, and social responsibility.

Maritime Competency Development & its HSSEQ Focus

Over the last couple of years, we have worked hand-in-hand with the HSSEQ Departments and Vetting departments of several organizations to improve vessel standards in Inspections and audits like SIRE, Port State, and Rightship Inspections.

But why focus on inspections? It turns out that you cannot organically prepare a vessel for an inspection unless you focus on safety, ISM Compliance, Pollution Prevention, Documentation, cosmetic conditions or crew competency. Inspections happen to be an umbrella term covering all these various aspects. If you were to choose a yardstick of efficiency, what could be more accurate?

Performance-based Training: The Core of Our Approach

Performance lies at the heart of our methodology.

We are trying to take compliance to the level of competence, to create competency development techniques that can trigger muscle memory and to make an organic transition from knowledge to skills.

We wanted to ensure that every seafarer not only understands compliance but is also empowered enough to speak up about it. We introduced innovative methods that proved instrumental in reducing operational errors, enhancing safety standards, and ultimately contributing to the environmental sustainability of maritime operations.

Aligning with SIRE 2.0

We have been working with Bulk carrier and Tanker owners since day one, but SIRE 2.0 added another layer of applicability.

The introduction of the Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE) 2.0 marks a significant shift in how tanker inspections and assessments are conducted. Navguide Solutions is at the forefront of this change, providing systems that are specifically tailored to meet the demands of SIRE 2.0. Going beyond a traditional theoretical understanding of SIRE 2.0, our apps and competency development platforms ensure that seafarers are well-versed in maintaining their vessels to the SIRE 2.0 standards.

Digital Innovation: A Step Towards Sustainability

In our pursuit of ESG goals, digital innovation plays a pivotal role.

The combination of impeccable accuracy and scalable technology is a sweet spot. By leveraging the latest technology, such as .NetCore, in our competency development programs, ensures they stay relevant, adaptable and scalable over the next twenty or thirty years. Digital tools like AI-driven chatbots, and interactive e-learning platforms not only make mentorship more effective but also more sustainable. Mentorship that comes from decades of experienced professionals ensures that our industry grows towards a sustainable future.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future

Today, we are supported by a strong Global Advisory Board consisting of Industry leaders, we are working with major companies worldwide and with our content available across major learning management platforms. We are also a proud member of Intertanko. We now see the possibility of impacting the industry on a global scale and creating the disruptive change we always felt was needed.

What Navguide does may not be mandatory, but it is essential.

John Adams, Chairman, Bahamas Shipowners Association

At Navguide Solutions, our vision is clear – to revolutionize maritime competency development to elevate individual competencies and contribute positively to the broader goals of environmental protection, social responsibility, and effective governance. Additionally, we are able to connect it to tangible commercial benefits for the vessel owners and operators. We are committed to shaping a future where mentorship and performance go hand in hand with sustainability and safety, creating a more responsible and capable maritime workforce.

Is that a mission worth fighting for?

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