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Few advancements have stirred excitement like Maritime AI tools, and we've got a game-changer: our new Customizable Artificial Intelligence Chatbot!

Unlocking AI: The Future is Chatting with Us

Few advancements have stirred excitement like Maritime AI tools, and we’ve got a game-changer: our new Customizable Artificial Intelligence Chatbot! It can act as an anchor for you while navigating the vast ocean of company procedures and regulations.

We at Navguide Solutions are proud to introduce a Maritime AI Chatbot that can be trained to understand a specific company’s procedures. It can soak up thousands of pages in PDF, Word, YouTube videos or even voice memos and simply talk back to you about it.

How does this Maritime AI solution work?

Here is what it can do:

  1. Understand company SMS, ISO, ISM, PMS, and Equipment Manuals.
  2. Correlate this information against relevant regulations (e.g. SIRE 2.0, Rightship, or USCG regulations)
  3. Harness the NLP abilities of GPT4 for precise tailormade replies.
  4. Talk back to anyone on this information – Seafarers, management personnel or external stakeholders. Specific questions, sharp answers!
  5. Communicate in multiple languages, from Hindi to Russian.
  6. Develop procedures, assist troubleshooting, and aid seafarer training.
  7. Keep improving over time until it becomes that super-intelligent assistant that never sleeps.

It can digest as much information in a minute as you can read in a thousand years. It can Process text, PDF, and even voice notes and recordings, understand them like a human being and talk back to you about it.

What are the use cases?

Well, there are several use cases of this Maritime AI solution. You just have to ask!

Let us train it on the company SMS manuals and Checklists, and it can help the shore management develop or improve operational procedures, checklists, and circulars. Feed in the Main Engine Manual and let it help the Chief Engineer troubleshoot problems, saving precious time.

Let it digest the equipment manuals, and it can act as a 24×7 trainer for seafarers. Let the new joiners interact with it to familiarise themselves with the company procedures. The list goes on and on.

5 Interesting questions you can ask

  1. Explain Safety Contour to me like I am a twelve-year-old.
  2. What is the concept of Performance Influencing Factors in the context of SIRE 2.0?
  3. I am having a scavenge space fire now. What shall I do?
  4. Write a 250 – 300 words blog on Decarbonization in the context of our new-builds and upcoming projects.
  5. I want to create a short video training on the Main Engine Turbocharger and its usage. Give me a video script that runs for less than 3 minutes, covering its crucial aspects.

Natural Language Processing!

NLP is one of the most amazing things that has happened in recent times! The beauty of Natural language processing is in how it stores and understands information. The technology is very different from storing and delivering information that was used in the past.

Let us understand this difference. Imagine if I were to embed a PDF file of 100 pages on Enclosed space entry procedures and simply gave you a search option for this document. If you type the words ‘What precautions must I take before I enter an enclosed space?‘ into the search bar, it will then search for a match for those exact words and pull out the paragraphs that contained them.

The Natural language processing of AI bots understands the context of a question just like a human being. With NLP, if you were to ask, “I am about to enter 5-Port Ballast tank. What should I do?” It would then enumerate the precautions needed for it, matching that against the context and coming up with a suitable answer.

I have been interacting with our customized bot for several months now, and it is no less than talking to a person.

Sailing into the future with Maritime AI

We are very excited to customize it for the maritime world. It is amazing to see how solutions like these gel seamlessly with training, creating a very customized experience that is tailored to your specific needs.

You may get in touch with us anytime for a free demo.

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