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Microlearning: small, focused chunks of learning that deliver information quickly and efficiently. It's perfect for today’s fast-paced environment.

The Modern Approach to Maritime Mastery

Ever felt overwhelmed with lengthy courses? Enter microlearning: small, focused chunks of learning that deliver information quickly and efficiently. It’s perfect for today’s fast-paced environment.

We at Navguide Solutions have been a pioneer in bringing this concept into the maritime world and have been effectively leveraging it for the last four years to upgrade the on-the-job skills of seafarers.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning refers to short, focused learning modules designed for quick consumption and immediate application. When the intention is skill development and not just knowledge sharing, this is far more effective than conventional training.

There are three main elements of microlearning videos:

  1. They need to be short: As per statistics published by YouTube, the ideal length for videos to be attractive and viewable is 4.2 minutes. Videos longer than that usually tend to lose grip, and viewership declines.
  2. They need to be gripping: As per studies done at Microsoft, the immediate attention span of the viewer is about 8 seconds, which means we need to bring the attention back to the content every few seconds, or we have lost them again! The content must be brief, to the point and speak to the need the viewer is trying to address.
  3. They need to be searchable: You should be able to get to the videos when you need them, as many times as you need them, without any friction. If it is tedious to get to them, they would not work.

Attention is the new oil.

One core benefit of microlearning is improved retention. When information is concise and to the point, learners can easily recall it. Almost every instruction that a seafarer receives uses a text-based format, such as checklists, PMS guidance, SMS guidance, etc. Text-based instructions do not become embedded in your system. Visualizing these instructions for them through bite-sized videos is a game changer.

Visual content has a retention of 65 – 75%, whereas written text has less than 10%.

Bite-Sized is Right-Sized

Microlearning revolves around brevity. Instead of hours-long sessions, topics are broken down into digestible 3 – 6-minute segments. This format aligns perfectly with our shrinking attention spans and the “want it now” mentality.

Why Navguide Microlearning Videos Shine

Navguide videos epitomize microlearning. We created videos based on very well-researched content, showing the ship staff what to do. Think of them like visualizing your checklists. They provide clear, concise visual guidance on crucial maritime processes. These aren’t just theoretical briefs; they’re absolutely application-focused. Over time, a measurable improvement in performance can be seen.

Here is a demo video made from clips from various videos we created. Check it out. Notice the direct and no-nonsense approach. Right and wrong practices are shown in a crisp and succinct manner. What takes a few seconds to show may take pages of explanation.

Immediate Application

After watching a Navguide microlearning video, seafarers can immediately put the knowledge into practice. This on-the-spot application reinforces learning and helps seafarers feel more confident in their roles. As learning gets converted to motor skills, retention ramps up.

Example: A third officer watches a video on the lifeboat right before he is expected to take a round of the lifeboat.

Big Benefits, Small Packages

By harnessing the power of microlearning, vessel operators can expect enhanced performance, better compliance, and improved inspection results. It’s not just about passing inspections; it’s about elevating the entire maritime operation to new heights of excellence.


Navguide Solutions’ microlearning approach is a game-changer in maritime training. It’s exciting, efficient, and, above all, effective. Dive into this new wave of learning and see the transformative results for yourself! Here is an example of a complete video.

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