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Whether you are dealing with Seafarers or Marine Inspectors, this app can help optimize your job and save you loads of time while making you more effective. 

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Our core competency

We have spent years perfecting a database covering over 50,000 observations and deficiencies worldwide. This research helped us pointing out areas that are often overlooked.

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Whether you are a seafarer or an inspector, our system won't let you miss out on any non-compliance. We are not perfect. But we are close.

App-based inspections

Are you still inspecting a vessel and then typing your report on a laptop? Let us show you what our technology can do for you. It can save you hours and days, no kidding!

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Our smartly organized digital tools save you inspection time and reporting time! Our process protects your reputation and improves credibility.

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the app is perfect for Inspetors, Seafarers and Remote auditors

Each check accompanied with a guidance photo, to serve as an example for inexperienced Seafarers, or for a Junior Master to inspect the Engine room, anyone looking for a promotion, to understand compliance aspects, etc.
We have tested with ratings and even an AB was able to carry about 80% of the detailed compliance checks on deck.

Thorough and detailed checks in every area, leaving nothing to assumption. Helps to bypass the cognitive blind spot which we often develop (passing by a certain NC everyday with out noticing).

Checks divided be the area of the ship (not divided by topics); and paperwork kept separate from physical checks. This is exactly how the mariner inspects. So, for instance, when he goes for a round of Aft deck, he sees only those which are relevant to that area, regardless of whichever VIQ chapter it is from.

Can be installed on the Intrinsically safe Mobile phone, if available on board (Tankers).

As a Premium add on feature, inspection videos are included (on request only). These videos are our signature product, highly useful for visualising the inspection, as it should be carried out. You can check a few of them under LSA FFA section.

Option to include a photo and comment against each check, that will come up in the final report. During a remote audit, seafarers can attach the photos directly through the app, generate a report and share instantly.

Photos can be added to any question. The photos get added to the final report. This is especially important when the app is being used in remote audits.

Report of a certain section (eg. Engine room) or subsection (eg. Engine Control Room) can be generated separately, or the complete ship. 

All photos get auto-compressed so that the final report does not turn out to be massive.

Completely functional online or offline, for use on board ships without internet or in areas of the vessel without internet.

Short set of checks for auditors or visiting superintendents instead of the detailed list, due to lack of time.

Single click report generation with all comments, saving hours.

As a premium add-on feature, Questions can be replaced with company specific requirements for users, hence making it suitable for audits.

No training required. The features of this app are highly intuitive. Anyone can get started within minute of first installation, or less.

Highly discounted introductory prices.

What people say...

Guide2Inspections is an innovative product and has simplified the concept of inspecting vessels seamlessly with maximum efficiency but minimum time engagement..... it makes the seafarer interested in his/her job, rather than feeling cumbersome.


Capt. Gajanan Karanjikar
President, All India Maritime Pilots Association

I must say you have done a great job. I can definitely see the potential of what you are doing.


Raal Harris
Managing Director, Videotel

We enjoyed reviewing the videos and I am sure, for your ships officers, they will make very beneficial development tools. I wish you every success with the venture and hope to hear from time to time how you are progressing with the initiative.


Capt. John Lloyd
CEO, The Nautical Institute

The effort put in by the Master to present it in a different perspective and package it, is commendable and well done! "Inspectutor" seems to be a good tool for junior officers to brush up their knowledge and skill on expectation of an inspector. We have a lot of respect for what has been prepared by the Master with this tool. Especially the checklists with ‘sample pictures’ - this is a good idea.


Vetting Compliance Team

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