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Enhance Port State Control Inspection results and maintain a compliant ship using our Future proof digital tools.

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A handpicked list of 99 detainable PSC deficiencies you must check before any inspection.

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We do not just say, we show. Our proprietary digital tools engage the seafarer to understand and spot non-compliances on the vessel.

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Millennial seafarers are the largest workforce in today's world. Our training methods think about how they absorb information and what would work for them. Pro-tip: #avoidchecklists

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Commonly overlooked PSC deficiencies

We have spent years perfecting the process to identify the most common observations & non-compliances during Port State Control Inspections in each area of the vessel.

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Our digital tools not only keeps the vessel ready for any Port State Control Inspection, but helps you save big on travel costs, unexpected fines, loss of reputation and a whole lot more!

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Allow us to explain our systems, and how you can use them to reduce deficiencies, observations and detentions.


Implement our digital training instruments on board your vessels!

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We enhance your results in Port State C control Inspections within a relatively short time.

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Guide2Inspections is an innovative product and has simplified the concept of inspecting vessels seamlessly with maximum efficiency but minimum time engagement..... it makes the seafarer interested in his/her job, rather than feeling cumbersome.


Capt. Gajanan Karanjikar
President, All India Maritime Pilots Association

I must say you have done a great job. I can definitely see the potential of what you are doing.


Raal Harris
Managing Director, Videotel

We enjoyed reviewing the videos and I am sure, for your ships officers, they will make very beneficial development tools. I wish you every success with the venture and hope to hear from time to time how you are progressing with the initiative.


Capt. John Lloyd
CEO, The Nautical Institute

The effort put in by the Master to present it in a different perspective and package it, is commendable and well done! "Inspectutor" seems to be a good tool for junior officers to brush up their knowledge and skill on expectation of an inspector. We have a lot of respect for what has been prepared by the Master with this tool. Especially the checklists with ‘sample pictures’ - this is a good idea.


Vetting Compliance Team

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A handpicked list of detainable PSC deficiencies you must check before any inspection.

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