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Virtual Tours

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The Accommodation Videos

Accommodation Internals Spaces

Duration: 06:34

The Bridge Videos

VDR and Ancilliary Bridge Equipment Updated

Duration: 02:27

EPIRB and SART Updated

Duration: 01:05

Master's Standing Orders Updated

Duration: 01:51

The Deck Videos (Bulk)

Hatch Cover

Forecastle Updated

General Round of Forecastle area

Duration: 04:23

Oil Tankers & Bulk Carriers

The LSA & FFA Videos

Foam System, Applicators, Iso Valves


Duration: 02:54


Duration: 07:52

Fireman's Outfit and SCBA


Duration: 04:29

Did you know?

Videos have a 85 – 90% retention rate in your mind while written text has about 10 – 15%. 

Video instructions are six to nine times more likely to stay in your memory!

The Engine Room Videos

General Round 2

Duration: 06:48

Steering Flat

Duration: 04:06


Awaiting Comments


Duration: 03:43


Awaiting Comments

Accommodation, CCR, Aft Deck

Duration: 03:46


Awaiting Comments

Main deck, Forecastle

Duration: 02:41


Step 1: Assign a Seafarer

Designate a seafarer who can take a quick round after arrival. This would ideally be a Junior officer. Keep more than one officer prepared for the job, so that way you can allocate whoever is available.

Step 2: Prepare

Let the assigned person complete our module on E.H.C. well before arrival to prep him in advance. You can also let interested deck ratings or cadets complete the module; it will help them identify issues at the Gangway, Deck, etc.

Step 3: In port checks

After you arrive and make fast, let the assigned person take a quick round and note any defects. With a little practice, these checks take less than an hour. Any defects must be rectified immediately, or the Department heads must be informed.